InsanyMed-CDE Lifetime Medical Record Cloud Solution

InsanyMed-CDE Lifetime Medical Record Cloud Solution: Standardise and Share Clinical Documents to Provide Continuous Care


InsanyMed-CDE Lifetime Medical Record Cloud Solution is a cloud-based clinical documents management solution for lifetime medical record archival using a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution called OpenCDE, which is independent from any Health Information System and provides services for digital archive, custody, access and structuring of clinical documents,according to HL7 CDA – ISO 27932 standards, in a safe and confidential way.


InsanyMed-CDE Lifetime Medical Record Cloud Solution is targeted at technology conscious healthcare provider looking at leveraging their existing investment on various health information systems and to improve their daily clinical services via implementing a standardized cloud-based clinical Document Archival and Communication System (DACS) with minimal investment and effort.

Benefits :

    • Paperless clinical document and filmless medical image distribution.


    • Introducing the concept of Document Archiving and Communication System (DACS) as a vendor neutral archival server for clinical documents.


    • Freedom from health information systems providers (HIS/EHR, RIS, LIS, etc.). Our solution can be integrated to any health information systems on the market.


    • Offers more agile and safer healthcare activity and thus reducing incidents, as consulted documents are displayed together with alerts, reminders, and guidelines on good clinical practice.


    • Custody and ownership of clinical documents stored at DACS with guaranteed integrity, security and confidentiality, defining its own privacy rules.


  • The inviolability of original document contents, using encryption systems, conforming to international security and confidentiality requirements (HIPAA, Data Protection Act, etc.).