InsanyMed Integrated EHR Solution

InsanyMed Integrated EHR: Patient Centric Unified EHR in the Cloud

Current EHR systems are plagued by fragmentation issues and soaring costs. InsanyMed EHR seeks to reinvent the concept of EHR systems targeting clinics, via an innovative patient-centric unified mobile ecosystem in the cloud. InsanyMed EHR aim to target local clinics by providing a cost friendly cloud based solution. Specifically, when the target is a chains of clinics it will provide the ability to synchronize the workings of the multiple clinics nationwide via central online appointment, central and standardize EHR, centralized billings, centralized staff management, standardize workflow, etc. Ultimately, InsanyMed EHR aim to provide a network of connected clinics where patients can receive treatments with access to his previous medical record history anywhere anytime.

Lastly, why choosing InsanyMed EHR to digitalize your clinic operation? As a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that runs on ubiquitous android devices, InsanyMed EHR is an affordable pay-per-use software service eliminating the need to pay upfront high acquisition costs of hardware and software and instead can start using the solution within few hours.

Benefit of our Integrated EHR Solution :

  • Experience a fundamental shift in how healthcare can be delivered through the Cloud
  • Access patient previous medical record in an instant.
  • Reduce the use of paper and the hassle of old paper filing method.
  • Empower patient with giving them access to their clinical documents.
  • Allow patient to register themselves online
  • Attract more patient to your clinics by being part of wider clinics network.
  • Improved communication with patients online

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