InsanyMed Open PACS-as-a-Service

InsanyMed Open PACS-as-a-Service: A Deconstructed PACS Model

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, or PACS, aim to replace traditional film-based medical images by enabling the storage and access of digital medical images. PACS technologies have been rapidly adopted by many developed nations today. These environmentally friendly PACS systems offer an efficient film-less workflow, fast remote access of medical images, advanced computer aided-diagnostic tools, and superior image management capabilities. However, despite these advantages, global adoption rates of PACS are still low, most notably in South East Asian hospitals and specifically in Malaysia. Factors hindering adoption include:-

  • The complexity of PACS technologies & the lack of open-source PACS professionals locally;
  • Multiple vendor integration issues regarding various modalities (e.g. CT, MRI, X-Ray machines, etc.),
  • Data formats and ownership issues
  • And most critically: – sky high costs which may run into the million(s) of Ringgit annually.

Realizing this critical need, InsanyMed Technologies is introducing our InsanyMed Open PACS-as-a-Service solution as a full-fledged PACS service for hospitals today. Our comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution will enable medical images from multiple modalities (e.g. CT, MRI, X-Ray machines) to be rapidly stored and seamlessly accessed by doctors within and outside of their hospitals via a range of desktops and mobile devices.  This solution comprises of the InsanyMed VNA server (powered by globally implemented DCM4CHEE technologies) linked up to both web-based viewer and FDA/CE certified diagnostic workstation software for radiologists as well as our InsanyMed Mobile DICOM application for complete mobility.

InsanyMed Open PACS-as-a-Service will be tailored to the unique needs of hospitals today. It is designed with doctors, patients and healthcare providers in mind. This robust and elegantly designed system will provide a hospital/clinic wide digital imaging workflow, which eliminates the need for expensive physical films, printing, physical report filling, film storage, film disposal, and film transportation costs.  In addition, healthcare providers will be given full flexibility and freedom over their own data and in determining future integration needs.

In a crux, InsanyMed Open PACS-as-a-Service is targeted at cost-conscious healthcare providers looking to improve their imaging department services via a hospital wide digital radiology workflow implementation with minimal investment and effort.